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Marcus Berry

As one of the leading English language voice over artists based in Switzerland, I provide powerful, professional narration, voice over and production services to clients who aim to communicate their message effectively and get results.

In this capacity, I have been employed by major corporations including Tissot, Nestlé, Parker Pens, Roche, ABB, Honeywell and Novartis, as well as organisations such as the United Nations, International Red Cross and CITES.

I narrated "Roger McGowen, Death Row Inmate", winner of the 2014 prize for best documentary at the WilliFest International Film Festival in New York, and virtual reality games by Apelab, including "Sequenced" and "Break a Leg", both recipient of several international awards.

Based in Geneva, I can either travel to studios close to you or record from my studio at home. I'm familiar with and enjoy close working voiceover relationships with many of the recognized recording studios in my home city as well as in Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Fribourg and Lucerne.

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